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What is SM Stage Crew? Here's the details

What is SM Stage Crew?

Servants of the Messiah Stage Crew is a home based business owned and managed by Sam Hampton providing DJ, sound, lighting, stage, and event enhancement and support services to the eastern St. Louis Metro area.

Our primary objective is to provide opportunities for Jr. High through college students to:

1. Learn some of the basics of sound and lighting systems and their uses for small events and live theatre.

2. Some events would get students involved in the performing arts in their community.

3. Helps build teamwork skills among group members.

4. Provides a great opportunity for volunteer experience to put on resumes.

5. Provides a safe extracurricular activity for students.

The goal of SM Stage Crew is to build a close relationship with local schools and theatre groups and get students involved in the arts all while helping our community to enjoy much more exciting events, both at private homes and full community events.

Can anyone besides high school students help you?

Yes, middle school through college students may also volunteer. We also gladly accept adult help. Please understand though that we are primarily volunteer supported.

Who all will you work for?

SM Stage Crew is willing to help with events for individuals, groups, organizations, or businesses. We can do birthday parties, weddings, church events, musicals, cantatas, block parties, grand openings, or other events or programs that could use a sound or lighting enhancement. Please contact us directly to see what we can do for you.

How far will you travel?

Primarily we will try to stay close to St. Louis for purposes of travel expenses. This would include Alton, Edwardsville, Fairview Heights, St. Charles, St. Louis, Clayton, Litchfield, Greenville, and all the towns in between these. For further locations please contact us directly to see what we can do for you.

What all services can you provide?

Generally speaking, we can provide:

-DJ setup for most parties including music, sound system, effects lights, and fog machines.

-For theatre or stage events we have some stage lighting, spotlight, special effect lighting, dimming controls, manual & programmable lighting control, sound system including mixer, speakers, amps, wired microphones, and wireless microphones.

-Unfortunately, we do not yet have a portable stage to bring to your site.

-We have a very limited number of active crew volunteers currently, so if you're only needing people to help run your show or event, contact us for more specifics.

Please understand though that as the range of possibilities and different equipment required for each is vast, it is best to contact us with details for your specific event so we can give you a sure answer.

Other Requirements

Scripts are needed a minimum of two weeks in advance for any crew parts being filled by SM Stage Crew members in large productions. Access to the site of production for examination of the stage and equipment is needed a minimum of six days in advance of final dress rehearsal or event start.

All equipment owned by SM Stage Crew must be ran by a member of SM Stage Crew or another individual specifically approved by Sam Hampton.

Feel free to email us at for any further questions or details.